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Battle Scars Of Emotions~Divine Healing From The Scars Of Life

Author's Book Gives Readers a Salve for Emotional Wounds

New release schools readers on how to claim Victory over life Battles!

Battle Scars Of Emotions~Divine Healing From The Scars Of Life

LONGWOOD, FL~ Bad things happen to good people all the time. But the biggest part of claiming victory all of life's battles is the power of not knowing, letting go, and allowing God to do the rest, says Audre'L in her newest Xulon Press title, Battle Scars Of Emotions~Divine Healing from the Scars Of Life. This personal testimony is part biography of the author's chaotic journey through life and part social commentary on many of the issues prevalent in today's society (such as domestic violence, date rape, molestation, teenage pregnancy, and death, to name a few).

Writing this book, the author says this was the greatly needed spiritual hug she yearned for such a long time. Somehow along the way as she traveled the arduous road of life, she forgot to stop and love herself. With all intent, She is confident that once you look deep within yourself, you will find that you have the tenacity and the strength to continue onward toward the high calling of your divine purpose through Jesus Christ, that is waiting for only you to discover and fulfill.