Battle Scars Ministries is devoted to helping others find themselves who was once lost in the crazy battles of life! Our mission is to assist the battered, broken, and bruised women and teenage girls find The Light Of God in the darkness of a hopeless situation! By doing so, they will find themselves and the person within as they learn the power in forgivness, prayer, praise and claiming the victory over the very battles that once held them down.

Battle Scars Ministries is committed to assisting individuals in mending their broken wings (emotional turmoil, low self esteem, etc.) they once suffered from being abused, through prayer; personal growth workshops; women bible study; testimonials and sharing sessions; resource sharing; women conferences and much more.

Battle Scars Ministries was created as a Christian resource and sharing ministry to help bring comfort to hurting women and teenage girls through various means that is listed here on our web site. Our Ministry derived from the name sake book, Battle Scars Of Emotions, Divine Healing From The Scars Of Life, written by Founder/Author/Minister Audre'L "Chantel" Davis-Jones, Xulon Press, 2013 (Rev.ed).