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A Mother’s Love!

When I think of Mother’s Day, I can not help but to think of my own mother. It has been 35 years since I last my eyes upon her. It was the most beautiful, breathing sight I have ever seen. It was as though I had walked into a room where an angel was laying with a glow around her like no other! I knew then that her soul was in the perfect place of peace, the place where we call heaven. The smile that was on her face and the halo that shined so brightly around her head assured me that she was in the presence of the Lord.

What a wonderful place to be, I cried. She endured so much pain and sorrow on this earth, but her face showed me of the beautiful place of serenity that she had come upon and I had no need to be sad or cry because all of her worries was over. At the age of 48 My Dearest Mother Ruth earthly life had come to an abrupt end as she took her final breath.

Words can not express how much I deeply miss her and wish that she was still here with me each and every day. Life can be so unfair at times especially for a 24 year old young adult who’s womanhood was just getting started and needing the care and advice from her own mother. Nevertheless, life goes on and God has a plan for each one of our lives no matter how long or short the stay. The most important thing is what we do with the time we are allotted. Everyone is given the same twenty-four hours in a day and what we choose to do with it is totally and completely up to us.

I Thank God Daily for My Mother and the special times we shared during her short stay here. Looking back and wishing that I had spent more time with her and doing more of the things we love to do together. However, the precious gift of herself she so unselfishly gave me and my siblings made me feel as though I was an only child. But only God knows how to fill the voids in ones life by sending others with helping hands, words of encouragements, hugs and expressions of Love on those difficult and unbearable days. Nothing or no one could or would ever take the place of a Mother’s Love, but only God know how to embrace a daughter’s hurting heart.

The one thing that I can truly share, is that if you are Blessed to still have your Mother with you, Embrace Her Essence ever so thigh! Remind her daily of the love you have for her and how precious she is. Do fun things together and don’t forget to laugh at the silly things, “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff,” because you will never know what day will be her last. Talk, communicate and get to know and understand her more. My father taught me that communication and understanding are two of the greatest things in the world, remember, she deserves the very best you have to offer her in every possible way.

Before closing, I would like to share one of my mother’s favorite songs I use to hear her sing around the house during this time of the year.

M for the Many things She gave me

O means only that she’s growing Old

T is for the many Tears she shed for me

H is for her Heart of purest Gold

E is for the Everlasting Love she gave me

R means that she’s Right and Right she’ll always be

Put them all together–they spells MOTHER–a word that means the World to Me!

Happy Mother’s Day to All The Special Mother’s!

Author of Battle Scars of Emotions~
Divine Healing from the Scars of Life